A Phone Number Is Still Essential For Your Business! Check Out Why!

Earlier, we had just phone numbers and addresses as modes of communication. Either you have to call up a person through phone or pen down a letter and post it. But now, times have changed, and technology has evolved. Nowadays there are many modes of communication like emails, Facebook chat, Skype, snap chat, Viber, Facetime or even offline messaging services on mobiles. Most of us own smartphones and all these facilities can be easily installed as an app. But still old is gold! This saying goes entirely right for phone call communication. You could get much more quick information through phone calls. If you suddenly forgot the tax refund number and needed it immediately, isn’t it better to call the concerned person than sending a message and waiting for the person to see and respond? Even the www.prnewswire.com admits that phone calls are still the best mode of communication and is vital for businesses.
Here are some of the reasons talking over phone gets the upper hand over other means of communication:

Urgent Situations
Sometimes, clients might encounter an urgent issue that needs to be solved quickly. In such situations, one cannot send a message and hope that person on another side will view it soon. They might also call for making inquiries about a new product or some billing errors. In all these cases customer might not be in a mood to send a message and wait till they receive a reply back. Here talking directly on the phone helps to a great extent. It is quick; you could ask any questions, hear their responses and suggest solutions effectively. Messaging would have been unwanted wastage of time in this case. When issues are resolved quickly, the customers are bound to trust you more and might even recommend you to others. Hence always make sure your phone number is listed on online directories so that the clients can easily access it and make a call.

Complex Issues
All the issues a customer might face need not be simple ones. Sometimes, they might have some complicated matter that needs to be talked about in detail. They might also have some personal or sensitive information to share. In all these situations, conversing over phone helps to discuss the matter and is more private and confidential. Also, while you schedule appointments, it is always better to talk to the person and decide upon a schedule that will work for both parties. Emailing schedules can waste hours of time in email tennis. Often, a five to ten minutes phone call easily resolves an issue when compared to hours spent in sending and receiving messages.

Boosts Your Brand
Recently, a survey had revealed that one of the prominent things a customer looks for while searching for a business is its phone number. If they don’t see a phone number listed on websites, online directories, etc. the chances are that they might try looking for some other company. A phone number gives an indication of the actual presence of company, your location details through area codes, and makes you look more credible.